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The Git version control system can sometimes be a little intimidating for new users -- until you learn just a little bit about what is under the hood; then the full power of this modern version control system is fully revealed.

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Posted Wednesday, September 10 at 9:14 am
Rick Manelius (rickmanelius), project architect at NEWMEDIA, and one of the leading minds in our community when it comes to PCI Compliance, joins Mike Anello to further demystify PCI Compliance and the role it plays in any site that involves credit card data. We also discuss two-factor authentication, when we might see a Drupal 8 beta, and Drupal’s persistence.
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DrupalEasy Podcast 73: Lots of Options


Thomas Turnbull (tom_o_t on and Alan Palazzolo (zzolo on join Mike Anello to talk about their new book from O’Reilly Media, Mapping with Drupal. Mike’s usual co-hosts, Andrew and Ryan, were both unable to participate in the podcast, leaving Thomas and Alan subject to Mike’s long-winded (but extremely interesting by some accounts) questions.

Five Stories

  1. Mapping with Drupal, OpenLayers, GMap, Geofield, Leaflet, and the Geospatial Modules Assessment.
  2. When will Drupal 7 installs beat Drupal 6 installs?
  3. Drupal community metrics
  4. iO1 Acquires
  5. chx needs a break

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Guest wrote 2 years 27 weeks ago

i just put together an index


i just put together an index for this very informative podcast

05:35; Drupal was one of the first CMS to integrate with Maps
13:30; TileMill
19:00; Client-side performance issues & clustering
24:35; Geocode & center map on users location by using HTML5 Geolocation
29:53; OpenLayers complexities, CTools, Display using Views, Panels or API
34:05; OpenLayers related modules: Geofield, Geocoder, ...
35:20; Geofield in Drupal 7 instead of Location module before
37:40; Recommended setup - Quickstart for storing locations and displaying them
OpenLayers + Geofield + Addressfield
GMap + Location
42:10; Leaflet (Cloudmade)
44:55; Book wrapup
46:25; Book introduction chapters + Motivation on mapping
49:25; Popular mapping blogs, cartography, best map of the year
1:06; Location CCK migrate sandbox
transforms D6 location_cck fields into D7 geofields
1:07; Geocoder, get geospatial data from address field into geofield
1:09:20; Baraka samsara films - map site use case

regards, dasjo

ryanprice wrote 2 years 27 weeks ago

Thanks much for doing this!

Thanks much for doing this!

Ryan Price

Guest wrote 2 years 32 weeks ago

Geocoder Video

Thanks for the mention in your show notes. A few months ago, I did a session at the Drupal Indy User group about how I integrated Gecoding, Solr and Openlayers.


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