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If you need new Drupal Talent, or just a little extra bandwidth, consider hosting an intern through our Work Experience (WE) Drupal program. You get a line in on the most highly trained newbies out there, while supporting talent development for the community.

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Posted Monday, April 14 at 3:56 pm
Heather James (Heather), Manager of Learning Services at Acquia and Peter Manijak (LinkedIn profile), Global Certification Lead at Acquia join Ted Bowman and Mike Anello to talk about the first test-based certification program for Drupal developers.
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DrupalEasy Podcast 76: Rooftop Party

Chris Strahl from the office of the CTO at Acquia joins Ryan and Mike to talk about Acquia’s new Large Scale Drupal Initiative where some of Acquia’s largest clients are working together on enterprise Drupal issues and contributing all of the results back to the community. Other topics include Commerce Guys’ funding, more bluecheese, Drupal’s "Experience Gap", and Configuration Management in core!

Florida DrupalCamp 2012 Wrapup

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FLDC2012 SignFlorida DrupalCamp 2012, held on the truly scenic Rollins College campus in Winter Park, Florida was another great gathering of the growing, and ever enthusiastic Florida Drupal Community. Rather than the typical blog post of all the great sessions (of which there were many), or the great networking (which there was), this post will focus on the some of the planning, logistics, and lessons learned from the organizers’ viewpoint.

This was central Florida's fourth annual camp, which has grown sequentially in size and scope, with more than 300 people, 40 volunteers, and 7 tracks of sessions (thanks Don Vandemark). A few highlights included our full-day beginner track, which proved extremely popular (thanks Gaelan Adams) with more than 60 attendees. Building on the experiences we’ve gained from past years, we once again held Coding for a Cause day where we attempted to build three sites for local non-profit organizations. Our partner in the event, the Central Florida Computer Society (CFCS.org) was as always instrumental in our success, acting as our fiscal agent as well as providing numerous volunteers throughout the day.

Drupal’s Experience Gap, Part 2

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In part 1 of this post I shared how I got started on the line of thinking that we as a community are planting a lot of seeds, spreading the fertilizer, but not doing much tending to the Talent crops.  In the second part of this post, I’ll share just how some of the numbers support the ideas behind why newbie developers are having some issues crossing the gap, or, to go with the opening theme for this second post, blooming...

Drupal's Experience Gap, Part 1

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Mind the GapIn an interview with TechRepublic, Dries Buytaeart said, "In some ways Drupal is a victim of its own success with demand for Drupal experts to build and support sites using the CMS currently outstripping supply. The biggest challenge that we have right now is scaling.

DrupalEasy Podcast 75: Andrew’s Birthday

Drew Gorton and Ronan Dowling from Nodesquirrel.com join Andrew Riley, Ryan Price, Mike Anello, and a mystery guest(!?) on the 75th episode of the podcast. Nodesquirrel is a new Drupal site database backup service that integrates seamlessly with the Backup and Migrate module. Listen in as we discuss the Drupal 8 timeline, the mystery guest takes a geography quiz, and we all do our very best not to mention that it's Andrew’s birthday (spoiler alert - we succeed!)

DrupalEasy Podcast 74: The Marketing of Drupal

There’s a full house on the podcast this week as Andrew, Ryan, and Mike are joined by Dave Terry (Mediacurrent), John Hannah (Friendly Machine), and Glenn Hilton (ImageX Media) to discuss the Drupal community’s less-than-stellar effort of marketing our beloved software to people outside the community. Both Dave and John have written thought-provoking blog posts on this topic in the past few months while Glenn has been a leader in organizing and evangelizing Drupal business summits. We also managed to discuss the Drupal Association’s recent at-large elections, Coworking Fridays, Acquia’s recent code contributions, recent usability studies, as well as our picks of the week!

DrupalEasy Podcast 73: Lots of Options


Thomas Turnbull (tom_o_t on drupal.org) and Alan Palazzolo (zzolo on drupal.org) join Mike Anello to talk about their new book from O’Reilly Media, Mapping with Drupal. Mike’s usual co-hosts, Andrew and Ryan, were both unable to participate in the podcast, leaving Thomas and Alan subject to Mike’s long-winded (but extremely interesting by some accounts) questions.

DrupalEasy Podcast 72: Ryan’s Drupal Outfit


With DrupalCon Denver just two months away, three of the organizers join Andrew, Ryan and Mike to discuss the enormity that has become Drupalcon! Kevin Bridges (cyberswat on drupal.org), Ben Jeavons (coltrane on drupal.org), and Ken Woodworth (kenwoodworth on drupal.org) help us understand everything that we need to know to have a productive and fun DrupalCon.

Florida DrupalCamp 2012 Fast Approaching


Florida DrupalCamp 2012The fourth edition of Florida DrupalCamp is rapidly approaching - Drupalists from Florida and beyond will be descending on Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida on February 11 and 12, 2012 for the largest Drupal event Florida has ever seen.

Registration is currently open at fldrupalcamp.org at the low cost of $20 per person - the cost will be going to up $25 on January 11, so be sure to register soon to get the lowest possible price. Admission will include a t-shirt, drinks, snacks, and lunch and access to the entire session program.

Session proposals are still being accepted as well - the deadline for submitting a session is January 12, so if you're interested in sharing some of your Drupal knowledge, be sure to submit your proposal soon. 

DrupalEasy Podcast 71: The College Years

Prolific Drupal contributor Dave Reid joins Ryan Price and Mike Anello on the first DrupalEasy podcast of 2012. They discuss the Meta Tags module (and why it’s not just for SEO anymore), Drupal’s security team, Drupal 8’s WSCCI initiative, the increasing complexity of Drupal’s code and the decreasing number of core contributors.