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Posted Saturday, January 30 at 7:44 pm
Drupal fork Backdrop co-founders Jen Lampton (jenlampton) and Nate Haug (quicksketch) joined Mike, Anna, and Ted to discuss the current state of Backdrop, its (surprising) relations with the Drupal community, Drupal 8, as well as some current Drupal news and our picks of the week!
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DrupalEasy is a training and consulting company that specializes in public and private Drupal training as well as site building and consulting with a focus on best practices and building sustainable web sites. More...

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a free, super-powerful content management system for sites that require information posting and collection, including blogs, forums, videos, photos, and databases of information. We think it is the best platform available. Here's why...

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More and more savvy organizations are going with Drupal for content management, and its no mystery why. It’s free, flexible, and easy to maintain for small or large volume sites. Learn more...

DrupalEasy Courses

DrupalEasy Academy: Training + Resources + Support

DrupalEasy Academy has an extensive catalog of courses, and the only government licensed Drupal career training program in the United States. We are growing, and expanding our programs worldwide to enhance the Drupal Community, enrich user experiences, and introduce exciting career opportunities to IT savvy people everywhere. From the Drupal Career Starter Program to custom courses designed around client needs, DrupalEasy is the resource for expert-guided live and online Drupal training and Education.

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Skill Level: Beginner

The Drupal Career Starter Program is 10 weeks of intensive classroom, lab work and independent hands-on projects designed for people with a knack for IT that are seeking a quick start and a clear direction toward new, stable careers in open source technology. Our approach compresses the Drupal learning curve by immersing students in learning and using Drupal and its associated technologies, providing guidance and resources, as well as requiring early engagement in the community.

HTML and CSS are the foundation of the modern web. This workshop teaches the basic principles of modern HTML and CSS, including introductions into HTML5 and CSS3.

In the first half of the workshop students will learn the fundamentals of HTML tags, elements, and attributes, with a focus on best practices and the underlying concept of semantic markup. The material is presented as a series of more than 10 examples, each one increasing the complexity and/or introducing new topics.

This full day course covers the basics of Drupal, helps to give you the information you need to decide if Drupal is right for you, and teaches you all the steps to installing, getting up to speed, and learning the basics you need to know.
Participants need to bring a wifi enabled laptop to the session.

This two- or three-hour webinar will focus on the fundamentals of responsive design including why is it important, how it can be leveraged on existing sites, how new sites can be designed with responsiveness in mind, and how CSS media queries are used to make it all happen.

This two- or three-hour webinar will focus on the navigation and menu design for responsive websites. Various examples will be used to demonstrate how navigation elements can be made responsive using different techniques.

A great web site is just one aspect of a solid online presence for your organization. To maximize your online reach, it’s important to leverage the growing relevance of social media outlets so you can reach people where they're spending their time. This workshop will demonstrate how to create and manage your organization’s presence on several popular social media platforms. In addition, it will also demonstrate how to save time and plan ahead to automatically push content from your web site to your social media accounts.

This full-day course covers the building blocks of Drupal and what makes up a web site, the types of content and how to best add, delete and edit content.

Blue Collar Views will teach students how to quickly and effectively leverage one of the most popular contributed modules. Views is used by more than 1,000,000 sites around the globe, so being able to wield its awesome power is a necessary skill for site builders of all levels. This course will not only teach the basics of Views, but will also teach students how to quickly use what they learned on real-world sites.

We spend time during most of our courses talking about the many ways you can interact with the Drupal community. It is often said that organizations who don't become involved with the community are only getting half of the Drupal experience. We'll help you discover how to choose modules, evaluate developers, find documentation, and get connected with your local community.

This full-day workshop introduces the fundamental concepts of theming a Drupal site. Starting with the anatomy of a Drupal theme before moving on to creating subthemes, working with template files, and writing CSS, this workshop is designed to get students oriented with Drupal theming.

Learn how to turn any Drupal site into an ecommerce powerhouse by leveraging the capabilities of Ubercart, a rich and vibrant set of modules designed to let you sell virtually anything online. Ubercart supports both physical and virtual (downloadable) products and integrates with various shipping and payment modules.

As a training partner of Acquia, one of leading Drupal firms in the world, we are pleased to offer Acquia's "Drupal in a Day" training course.

Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the fundamental client-side building blocks of modern, interactive web sites. This workshop will provide a solid introduction to this scripting language. Students will learn about JavaScript syntax, rules, common uses, and best practices. jQuery is a popular JavaScript library that makes using JavaScript easier, faster, more efficient, and often more powerful. Students will learn the basics of jQuery, what jQuery plugins are, and how to leverage jQuery on web sites.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Almost anyone with a bit of Drupal knowledge can build a functional Drupal site these days, but what happens when it's time to get the last 5 years of your organization's content into that snazzy new site? More often than not, the solution involves hiring outside help or migrating content manually (ugh). Fortunately, the Drupal community has written some amazing tools to assist with content migration, and this workshop will demonstrate how to utilize them.

This two- or three-hour webinar will cover the basics of Drupal's Rules module, and how it can add custom functionality to a Drupal site without writing any code. In addition to covering the fundamentals of event-condition-action Rules, we'll dive into an in-depth example that utilizes all aspects of the module.

The Git version control system can sometimes be a little intimidating for new users -- until you learn just a little bit about what is under the hood, then the full power of this modern version control system is fully revealed. In this full-day workshop, we'll start off by using Tinkertoys to demonstrate the basic commands of Git (including merge and rebase). From there we’ll move on to dealing with remote repositories, dealing with conflicts, and working with patches.

This day-long course dives into three of the most widely-used modules that are used to display a site's content: Views, Context, and Panels. Understanding how these modules work (and work together) is key to building a site that delivers content to the right place at the right time in the right format.

This course focuses on creating a new theme from a base theme, including theming content displays and Views output.

This workshop will demonstrate various strategies that will allow you to add and configure advanced features to your site via the administration area.

This workshop will focus on building a magazine-style web site that pulls in syndicated content and gives editors and users the ability to add ratings and comments. The content is then published in various dynamic layouts based on editor and user input.

A site's usability is often tied directly to the user's ability to find exactly what they're looking for quickly. Drupal's powerful built-in content categorization ("taxonomy") system can often provide this with relatively little effort. This course will focus on understanding how the taxonomy system works and how you can customize it for your particular site. We'll also discuss several very powerful companion modules that work with the taxonomy system to provide your users with alternate ways to find the content they're looking for.

This course covers some of the more widely-used Drupal modules to add both functionality and usability to a Drupal-powered site. Included in this course are modules aimed at improving a site's search engine optimization (SEO) and layout as well as modules that allow users to rate content. The course also covers several administrator-level tools to help manage content workflow and advanced site configuration techniques.

Finding that existing Drupal modules don't quite meet all the requirements when developing a web site? If so, you're probably ready to learn how to extend Drupal's functionality with some custom modules. In this course, we cover the basics of writing custom functionality the "Drupal way". You will learn how to leverage Drupal's powerful "hook" system as well as good coding practices that will help make your modules easier to understand, upgrade, and maintain.

Long before the birth of the Internet, Bell Labs gave UNIX to the world. Now a majority of the world's websites use this system and its cousin, Linux, to host sites and enable developers to work more efficiently with a time-tested and often-dreaded tool: the command line.

Skill Level: Ninja

If you have theming down and want to learn how to override theme functions and theme CCK and Views output, this is the full-day course for you.

"Work smarter, not harder". Do you find yourself hitting the ceiling with Drupal's administration tools? Do your Editors and Clients complain about the difficulty of Drupal, or are they prone to make mistakes? Do you need advanced permissions, with multi-level approval? Per-department, per-user, or worse? Drupal has been helping people solve these problems for years now, and new modules are making it more powerful all the time.